Safeguarding Resources

Rugby is a game for everyone and ANY discrimination on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability or religion is unacceptable. All our club members, visitors and guests are expected to abide fully by the Spirit of Rugby Charter which you can review at:

We maintain a detailed policy on Child Welfare which you can find here (insert link to Buccaneers RFC Safeguarding Policy here)

We fully implement the codes of practice as outlined in the IRFU and Connacht Rugby Safeguarding policies.

Reporting and Actions
We take all necessary actions (including disciplinary actions) in respect of concerns about a child or in response to a disclosure as outlined in;

Training and Vetting
ALL persons having regular contact with underage members, whether as coaches, managers, helpers, or other volunteers are required to complete Garda Vetting and maintain current Garda vetting status a s outlined below:


Are required to complete the IRFU Module 2 Safeguarding Training as outlined here.

Recruitment, Players and Volunteers
We recruit our volunteers in line with the IRFU guidance on safe recruitment practices as outlined here.

All of our volunteers and players must sign up to the relevant Codes of Conduct and be aware of their rights and responsibilities under Safeguarding and Child Welfare (see below)

Record Keeping
We maintain confidential records of all volunteers and their Garda Vetting and Safeguarding training status. Some of these records are held by entities other than the club through the IRFU Gainline and RugbyConnect platforms. The information we hold is in strict confidence and is used solely to confirm compliance with the relevant legislation and will not be used or disclosed for any other purpose.

Other Users
Occasional users of our facilities who are not club members or directly affiliated with the club are required to provide in writing, a statement that they will comply with all aspects of the relevant laws, our Safeguarding Policies and the associated IRFU policies.

The policies and practices outlined here and incorporated by reference herein are approved annually by the Executive Committee of Buccaneers RFC.

Date last approved: Mar 29, 2022

Brendan Wilkins
Junior VP and Youth Coordinator
On behalf of Buccaneers RFC Executive Committee.